Relax Relate Release

Welcome to Freedom! 

Are you or someone you know hiding in plain sight? Do you feel alone? Are you experiencing the exertion of anxiety or the weight of depression? Do you struggle with disappointment or emptiness as you maneuver life and relationships? Does your magic need revitalization? 

Come and Relate! Experience the nurture and rejuvenation of sisterhood in an intimate group setting. Together we will address mental health issues to free you from anxiety, depression, loneliness, given/assumed roles, micro-aggressions, and life disappointment to name a few! 
If you or someone you know are interested, please contact me
I created this group with you in mind. Sis, I can’t wait to spend time with you!


Put on your fuzzy socks, get your favorite cup of coffee, and grab your favorite spot to hang out with me online.  We will gather together to discuss ways to break cycles, address life’s difficulty, and finally be free!  


Small therapeutic groups for women to support each other through various emotional battles. Together we will become equipped to help free you from anxiety, depression, loneliness, given/assumed roles, and life disappointments/frustrations to name a few! Groups are small and meet at my office over a course of 6 weeks. 


Hey Girl! Let’s get together soon!  An intimate time with me and your favorite girls to get away and focus on each other. Gatherings will begin soon! I can’t wait to meet you!


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