About Shundria Riddick

My story

I’m honored to walk with you on your journey to freedom! 

Shundria Riddick is a speaker and licensed professional counselor who shares a message of hope and freedom in Christ. As a graduate of Amberton University, Shundria holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling.  As a counselor, she loves to connect with individuals and seeks to guide them with Biblical truth. This desire to walk beside those who are experiencing difficult seasons in their lives has given her a phenomenal ability to disarm any audience and allow them to open themselves to all of life’s possibilities. 

Like many women, she has a career, an advanced education, and is a successful wife and mother.  In the role of a wife of over 20 years and dedicated mother and nurturer to her hearts: Joshua, Elyana, and Noah. Shundria has spent the last several years in the trenches of chauffeuring kids, cooking, cleaning and trying to figure out how to sync calendars on all her devices.   And like the typical woman she has juggled all of these things while dealing with the emotional and mental battles of life’s daily issues. 


Shundria doesn’t claim to have it all figured out; but God has graciously given her this incredible opportunity to share with women of all ages and seasons in life as they seek out to live their victory in Christ.  She feels it is her honor to help others while equipping them with Biblical Truth so that they may grasp the unshakable love of Christ and let go of the frustration that comes from trying to live out their own plans, and experience the beauty of embracing His will.

Let me help you find purpose and direction.


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