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Hey Girl!

Come join me LIVE in a room full of your girlfriends! These classes are designed for you to learn and chat about various topics that entangle you and prevent a life of freedom! For a fraction of the cost of individual counseling or life coaching, I will help guide you and explore ways to manage mentally and emotionally so that you can live out Freedom in Christ!

Classes are approximately 75 minutes. Sign up for an available time that is convenient for you!

Although I am a therapist, I am not yours. 

Consent/Disclaimer Form for Online Educational Groups

The online RELAX AND RELATE groups are educational in nature. They will provide information and selfcare strategies to assist you in general daily living. The groups will not engage in rendering psychological or mental healthcare advice for any particular individual or situation. These educational groups will not provide mental health or any other type of health service. No diagnosis, treatment recommendations or advice regarding any mental health condition or illness will be offered. These educational groups cannot be a substitute for or alternative to treatment when a mental health condition is present. Educational group members are advised to seek professional services from licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and health care professionals, if and when necessary. These groups are not considered therapy or a substitute for a professional relationship with a mental health professional. By enrolling you understand and agree that these classes are not and should not be assumed or considered therapy or as a substitute for therapy with a licensed professional. They are intended for educational purposes only.

9 reviews for Relax Program Enrollment

  1. Melinda Gonzalez

    This session brought some comfort to the stress we are all living. I wrote down the awesome tips and plan to revisit them daily!

  2. Rosalinda Garcia

    I LOVED Relax! It was nice to hear from.women that I didn’t know, but shared some of my everyday concerns. A group of women from different backgrounds and yet we all shared similar concerns. I left the chat feeling less alone and more relaxed. I would definitely recommend this program to others!!

  3. Kristi C

    In about an hours time Shundria asked the right questions in such a professional but relaxed and fun way that allowed me to realize some of the things (other than the obvious) that has kept me from truly being calm in Christ. I felt affirmed, motivated and honestly simply better after only the 1st online class.

  4. Patricia B.

    Shundria is a wonderful person! I always feel a calming effect come over me when we talk. I never feel like I’m being examined, but rather being allowed to tell my story and share my thoughts. Really down to earth yet obviously passionate about her work. She’s patient, caring, and incredibly insightful. She will adapt to your needs and provide you with helpful & necessary resources and information.

  5. Tiffany E

    I enjoyed working with Shundria in the Relax group. It was open and felt comfortable. I like that she provided feedback to me in a nonjudgmental environment. I also liked that she provided concrete ideas to take away. I would recommend this group.

  6. Abigail Dominguez(Abby)

    I’m excited to Learn and see this class: Relax!!! I NEED help with everyday battles in my mind. Mental issues

  7. Kandace K. (verified owner)

    Shundria is compassionate and also challenges you to grow and develop into your full potential. I participated in her RELAX program/group and I always walk away encouraged and challenged to make meaningful shifts in my life.

  8. Nosa O.

    My Wednesday evenings will never be the same!
    I look forward to conversations with old and new ladies every other Wednesday.
    Topics and conversations are:
    Real, Relevant and Relateable!

    What are you waiting on?
    C’mon gurl! There’s an open spot just for you!!!
    It’ll bless your whole life!



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